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Do you know a child who needs a twin bed? We’re here to help!


Please complete our request form below for each child in the household needing a bed, and a team member will connect with the family to verify the details and inform them about our process.


Important Information for Requesting a Bed:

Please Be Aware:

There’s a waiting period of about 30-45 days for the scheduling and delivery of the twin beds.

Who Should Fill Out the Form?:

This form should ideally be filled out by someone who advocates for the child, like a case manager or community provider (teacher, guidance counselor, healthcare worker).

Are You a Parent or Guardian?:

If you're a parent or guardian seeking a bed for your child or children, please contact your child's school counselor or nurse, pediatrician/clinician, or case manager to have them submit a request on your behalf.

What Happens After the Form is Submitted?: Once we receive the referral form, A Bed for Every Child will contact you to discuss the specifics and our availability options.

Do you offer other bed sizes?

No. Only twin mattresses and bed frames are distributed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What areas do we serve?
We are dedicated to serving the youth in Massachusetts.

How long does it take to receive a bed?
The typical wait time to receive a bed is 30-45 days.

How does a family access our program?
Families can access our program through a referral made by advocates such as case managers or community providers like teachers, guidance counselors, or healthcare workers.

Can a parent self-refer?
We prefer that parents do not self-refer. Please follow the instructions above to initiate the process to request a bed for your child. 

What is provided with the beds?
Each child receives a new twin mattress and a sturdy wooden bed frame.

Do you provide any other size beds?

No. At this time, we serve only twin beds.

Bed Request Application Form

This is a new request form.

You must submit individual requests for each child in need of a bed.

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