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A Bed for Every Child is committed to ensuring that every child in Massachusetts has a safe and comfortable place to sleep.


Launched in 2012, as an initiative of the Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless, our mission is simple yet essential: provide beds to children in need, improving their quality of life and chances of success.

Our work is fueled by collaborations with community partners, schools, and healthcare institutions, driving impactful changes and promoting the well-being and academic achievement of underprivileged children.

Through our community engagement initiative, the Build a Bed Project, we build beds for children on our waitlist who lack proper sleeping arrangements.

Could you help us make a difference? Your support brings us one step closer to a world where every child has a bed to call their own.


Understanding the Need: Childhood Poverty in Massachusetts

Massachusetts faces a concerning level of childhood poverty, where many families struggle to provide basic necessities due to the soaring cost of living.


Despite their crucial role in a child's development and well-being, essential items like beds are often overlooked. A comfortable bed ensures restful sleep and supports children's academic performance and overall health.

In a state where expenses continue to skyrocket, the simplicity of having a bed becomes a luxury for many. A Bed for Every Child aims to bridge this gap, ensuring that no child is deprived of a fundamental element for growth and success—a comfortable and secure bed.

Our year in Numbers:

Top Reasons Children Need Beds:

  • Sharing a bed with a parent or guardian - Often, children are deprived of their own sleeping space, leading to discomfort and disturbed sleep.

  • Sleeping on unsuitable mattresses - Many children sleep on mattresses that are unsafe or unsuitable due to health and safety concerns.

  • Sharing a bed with siblings or relatives - A lack of personal space can affect a child's physical and emotional well-being.

Demographics of Beneficiaries:

Age Groups:

  • Children aged 2-8: 771

  • Children aged 9-17: 827

Total: 1,598 children reached

Race (Based on Head of Household):

  • Black/African American: 258

  • White: 278

  • Asian: 59

  • Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander: 2

  • Other: 256

Total: 853 households reached


Ethnicity (Based on Head of Household):

  • Hispanic: 436

  • Non-Hispanic: 417

Total: 853 households represented

Gender Identity of Bed Recipients:

  • Female: 831

  • Male: 767


A special message...

"A Bed for Every Child’ isn’t just a new bed, it’s a whole experience. Our kids have walked into a room to see their brand new, very own bed with pillows and bedding to match their personality and a place to peacefully lay their heads at night... Because of this program, we were able to help so many children have their very own, brand-new bed.  I think a lot of people do not realize how many children out there do not have their own bed or they are sharing with a sibling or even sleeping on the couch, it’s not really a topic people discuss, or parents want to admit.  This program has helped us not only provide beds for youth in need but help erase the stigma and embarrassment of it all"

Cathy Rowe, Lynn Housing Authority & Neighborhood Development


To every one of our cherished supporters, your unwavering generosity and commitment have been the driving force behind our mission.


With profound gratitude, we recognize the incredible contributions from our foundations, the heartfelt donations from individuals, the invaluable in-kind gifts, and the dedication

of our 'Build a Bed' partners.


Every bed we provide, every dream we nurture, and every child we support is a testament to your belief in our cause. Together, we are making a significant difference, ensuring that no child is deprived of the comfort of a bed.

Thank you for standing with us, believing in our vision, and turning our collective aspirations into reality.

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