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Massachusetts Credit Unions

A Bed for Every Child, an initiative of the Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless, provided nearly 2,000 children with new twin beds of their own in the past year. Due to the generosity and support of the Massachusetts Credit Unions, families have been given access to this life-changing resource which has had a positive impact on their children’s health, well-being, and education. They wake up happy from a comfortable good night’s rest, no longer go to school tired, and can focus better on their studies. As a charitable partner, the Massachusetts Credit Unions have been generous supporters of A Bed for Every Child and helped to expand the initiative throughout the state. 

As much as funding for beds is important, so are the special touches that make a bed comfy and cozy; the pillow, blanket, teddy bear, and a good book to read. A Bed for Every Child makes the effort to match the bedding to a child’s personality. It is so uplifting when a child sees his/her very own bed with special bedding and a place to peacefully lay their head at night.

The Massachusetts Social Responsibility Committee is promoting the Gift of Warmth – TWIN Blankets/Bedding, Clothing, and Pajama Drive. Working collaboratively through the Coalition or a local community agency, your credit union can make a difference by participating in the Gift of Warmth Drive during the month of January. Massachusetts Credit Unions have donated more than 9,500 blankets and thousands of warm clothing items including 200+ pajamas for many in need.

Please consider participating by donating new TWIN blankets or bedding, and/or clothing, pajamas that will provide comfort and warmth for a child who receives a bed. 

Please consider participating in the Massachusetts Credit Unions’ 

appeal supporting A Bed for Every Child.


Through the collective power and spirit of the Massachusetts Credit Unions, children living in poverty will get a restful night’s sleep after receiving their own bed.

Your help will make a difference for a child in need.

For additional information contact Donna Bevilacqua at

(508) 229-5616 or,


We’re always here to help.

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