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Massachusetts Credit Unions

Children's book drive

The Massachusetts Credit Unions will host the month-long “Children’s Book Drive” starting April 1st. Since 2001, the Massachusetts Credit Unions have donated more than 333,423 books to many non-profit agencies in cities and communities throughout the state, including A Bed for Every Child.


Reading aloud is the most important activity that parents can do to increase their child’s chance of reading success. Reading is a pathway for young adolescents to gain knowledge, to succeed in school, to discover themselves, and to understand the world before them.


The Children’s Book Drive celebrates the value of reading by providing thousands of books that give children hours upon hours of reading to open their imaginations and become inspired. Children are curious, love to learn and enjoy exploring new ideas. When reading, a child can go anywhere in the world…or even to the moon! They can be a leader, an inventor, or even a queen…the possibilities are endless.


Please consider participating by donating new or gently used books. The effort is easy, and the rewards are greater as reading helps children expand and develop their minds and imaginations.

Ways to participate:

  1. You can collect books at your credit union to be picked up in May.

  2. You can purchase books through A Bed for Every Child’s Amazon Wish List; click the button below and ship directly to them via Amazon to A Bed for Every Child, c/o MA Coalition for the Homeless, 73 Buffum Street, Lynn, MA 01902.

  3. You can directly donate online by clicking the button below or send a check to CCUA supporting the Children’s Book Drive for A Bed for Every Child.


Thank you for recognizing the importance of reading and giving children the tools to learn and grow.

Please consider participating in the Massachusetts Credit Unions’

appeal supporting A Bed for Every Child.


Through the collective power and spirit of the Massachusetts Credit Unions, children living in poverty will get a restful night’s sleep after receiving their own bed.

Your help will make a difference for a child in need.

For additional information contact Donna Bevilacqua at

(508) 229-5616 or,


We’re always here to help.

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