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In 2012, advocates from the Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless offered homeless prevention resources for families at a public school when a teacher approached them needing help.


The teacher shared that many of her students were coming to school extremely tired because they did not have a bed.


Knowing that many of the students’ parents could not afford to purchase one, she wondered if the Coalition could help get beds for some of her students - that one inquiry launched A Bed for Every Child. 

This program works with public schools and other community organizations to provide free new twin beds for children in need throughout Massachusetts.


DIRECT services

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Across Massachusetts, the Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless' A Bed for Every Child program works to provide low-income children in need with beds of their own.

about the Coalition

A Bed for Every Child is an initiative of the Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless, a statewide nonprofit providing housing support services and advocacy for low-income households at risk of or currently experiencing homelessness. 



BUild a bed

With help from students, neighbors, businesses big + small, the Build A Bed Project brings teams together to build the beds from scratch. 


The Build a Bed Project is a fun and worthwhile experience for groups of all sizes, ages, and capabilities. We bring teams together to build beds for children on A Bed for Every Child's waitlist. 

In just over two hours, teams build headboards, footboards, & side rails, sand, paint, and customize each bed.  

Want to learn more about how you can help provide more beds for more children in need across Massachusetts? 

big kid beds

Partnering with community health care centers, the Big Kid Bed Initiative provides families with educational resources on

the importance of sleep, healthy bedtime routines, as well as a prescription for

a "big kid" bed.

steam to build dreams

STEAM to Build DREAMS offers a team-building STEAM project for at-risk youth grades 5-12. Together, the youth team up to custom design, create, measure, build and paint a twin-sized headboard and bedframe to be delivered by our A Bed for Every Child Initiative along with a new mattress and bedding. STEAM to Build DREAMS not only offers the chance to learn new skills but also offers the chance to make a real social impact by providing a child in need with a new bed of their own.  


There are five things that a child needs to thrive: food, water, shelter, clothing, and sleep.

As a society, we have worked tirelessly to ensure children have access to the first four, but we have yet to reach the same level of commitment in regards to healthy sleep.

Although a bed is not the first thing we think of when discussing poverty, far too many children are growing up in households that cannot afford a bed for their children. 

Therefore, we set out to provide complete twin beds for children in need across Massachusetts. 

Your contribution today will make it possible for A Bed for Every Child to provide new beds to thousands of children throughout the Commonwealth in the year to come.