In 2012, advocates from the Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless were offering homeless prevention resources for families at a public school when a teacher approached them.  The teacher shared that many of her students were coming to school extremely tired because they did not have a bed.  Knowing that many of the students’ parents simply could not afford to purchase one, she wondered if the Coalition could help get beds for some of her students.


That one inquiry launched A Bed for Every Child, a program that works with public schools, as well as other community organizations, to provide access to free new twin beds for children in need throughout Massachusetts.

Every child deserves to have their basic needs met, and we are addressing them one by one by bridging the Coalition's rich community resources to corporate partners, educators, case managers, and health care providers.


Yes, all of that with just a bed.

There are still so many children living in poverty who deserve a bed of their own.  

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