Yair & Andres

Yair, age 4, and his older brother Andres, age 6, have been sharing a bed with their mother, Ebelia, for years.  But thanks to a partnership with the Springfield Public Schools, A Bed for Every Child learned about the boys and was able to provide them with twin mattresses and bedframes, along with full sets of bedding for both boys.  Today, Yair and Andres have "big boy" beds and they are thrilled.


Mom was so happy and grateful for this resource that was provided for her family, especially at a time critical time in her children’s lives – the beginning of their school years.  They now have many years to grow into their beds and get a good night's rest for school. In mom's words "Muchisimas gracias por todo, estoy muy agradecida".  (Thank you for everything, I am so grateful! Many thanks!)

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