So much has changed in such a short time due to COVID-19.  One thing that has remained constant is the number of requests for beds being made to A Bed for Every Child for children growing up in poverty.  

A Bed for Every Child has a simple but impactful mission delivering beds to children in need throughout the Commonwealth.  Today, due to COVID-19, staying well has a greater meaning. One of the proven ways to maintain a strong immune system is by getting enough healthy sleep, but it starts with a bed.

A Bed for Every Child Delivered 2,800 Beds

In the past twelve months A Bed for Every Child has delivered 2,800 beds to children just like Hadley. Hadley is five years old, and until A Bed for Every Child dropped off her new bed last month, she was sleeping with her older sister.  Now that Hadley has her bed, her Mom says she feels like a princess, which she points out could be partly because of the bright pink comforter with tiaras adorning it she received with the bed. 

Tuck’s Travels – A Bed for Every Child Mascot Hits the Road

As A Bed for Every Child's truck hits the road again in the passenger seat sits our mascot Tuck, the 6-foot Vermont Teddy Bear.   A Bed for Every Child has been documenting Tuck’s travels to cities and towns to which they are delivering.  Tuck loves to have his photo taken in every city that beds are being delivered.  Drivers are doing a double take when they see Tuck in the passenger seat of A Bed for Every Child’s truck as they make their way to another child’s home. 

Over the next year, Tuck will be traveling from Cape Cod to Western Mass and many cities and towns in between delivering beds to children growing up in poverty. 

Tuck Loves to Talk About the Work of A Bed for Every Child

Tuck and would love an opportunity to have you learn more about A Bed for Every Child and his delivering beds to children growing up in poverty.  It is a story that during these hard times that will bring a smile to anyone who hears about A Bed for Every Child and Tuck’s travel.  The opportunity to be interviewed will help to ensure that A Bed for Every Child can continue to deliver beds to children like Hadley. 

Hey, Guess What?!

There are many ways for YOU to come along on the road. 

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