Today, due to COVID-19, staying well has a greater meaning and one of the proven ways of maintaining a strong immune system is getting healthy sleep - but that starts first with having a bed.


Prior to COVID-19, most of A Bed for Every Child’s requests came from public schools throughout the state. During the pandemic, we have been receiving requests in higher numbers from community health centers, hospitals, and the Department of Children and Families. Many are requests for children whose parents are considered essential and working as grocers and/or delivery drivers, or on the front lines working in hospitals, nursing homes, and places of the like.


In response to social distancing guidelines and to ensure the safety of both the families and our staff, at the beginning of April we began implementing “no contact” deliveries.  


Today, A Bed for Every Child’s truck arrives at the child’s home, unloads the new bed in front of the home, and places it at the front door. Children receive a new twin bed frame and new mattress along with bedding and books.


After the driver is back in the truck, a call is made to the parent who can then bring the bed safely into their home. 


Since COVID-19 A Bed for Every Child has continued to deliver to hundreds of children throughout Massachusetts.


Your contribution will directly give the gift of a good night's sleep to a child currently on our waiting list. 

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