Kaylee is a fifth grader and just like all of the other girls in her elementary class, loves Taylor Swift, is good at doing nails, and tries to study hard.  Except she did not have a bed of her own.  It is not like all of the other kids in her class know this–she would be so embarrassed!  Her mom Margaret wished she could afford one.  As a single mom working two jobs, it was a constant struggle to keep up with the rent and the household expenses.  One of the things that she just could not afford was the purchase of a new bed.


The bed that was donated to them was already old, and since receiving it four years ago, it was almost paper thin and curled up around the corners.  It became a joke with Margaret and Kaylee that someday she would be rolled up like a bug in a rug!  At the winter open house at Kaylee’s school, parents including Margaret received a bag filled with resources available to parents and students both in the school, as well as in the community.  One of the flyers was for A Bed for Every Child.  At first Margaret was not sure she should call, not wanting anyone to know how hard it was at home, but soon she realized that she needed some help.


Within a week of reaching out, a bed was delivered while Kaylee was at school.  Never saying anything to Kaylee about the new be, she was shocked when she came home! There even was a bed buddy stuffed animal that was made by a group of school children. Now, Kaylee is really dreaming big!

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A Bed for Every Child | A Bed for Every Child is an initiative of the Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless which is a registered 501(c)(3) organization.