Celia is 8 years old attending the Harvard Kent Elementary School in Boston.  Celia’s mom and dad work but as with so many others they make just have enough to keep the roof over their child’s head.  One day when Celia’s mom was accessing services at a local food pantry, she had the opportunity to speak with a social worker.  She voiced her concern about how her daughter was sleeping on the floor or couch and was tired at school. 

Fortunately, the social worker was aware of A Bed for Every Child and offered to do a referral to the program. Within a month, A Bed for Every Child delivered a new bed to Celia’s home. Although Celia was at school when the bed was delivered, the next day there was a thank you left on a voice mail from the soft spoken little girl. 


Ella is a 3rd grader, whose teacher had noticed she was coming to school tired. The teacher also knew that Ella’s mother had recently passed away and that she was now living at her grandmother’s home. As each day went on, Ella was almost asleep at her desk. The teacher made sure Ella had access to the breakfast program before school, feeling that maybe she was not getting enough food at home. At a meeting with Ella’s grandmother, the teacher inquired as to what might be making Ella tired. It was then that she learned that the child did not have a bed. Although the teacher didn’t always have an answer for parents when it came to non-education issues, this time she was able to offer a way to get Ella a new bed. According to the teacher, Ella’s grandmother’s eyes welled up with tears and she could not stop thanking her for helping to get a bed. The teacher also said that without A Bed for Every Child she would never have been able to help and do it so quickly.

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A Bed for Every Child | A Bed for Every Child is an initiative of the Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless which is a registered 501(c)(3) organization.