The Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless (MCH) has long believed that an education is one of the ways a child growing up in poverty can break the cycle as an adult. Today, due to COVID-19, many school districts are taking part in remote learning. MCH knows how important it is for these children to have a place to study at home. But it begins with having a desk.


Today, MCH and A Bed for Every Child has launched “A Desk for Every Child” an initiative partnering with over 100 public school districts from Springfield to the Cape all with large numbers of their students growing up in poverty. Many of these students are without a desk because a desk is financially out of reach for their parents.


In August, we began to hear from many of our partnering schools that their students needed a desk. To answer the need, MCH launched, A Desk for Every Child with a goal of getting as many desks out as possible. We have designed a desk to fit in a small area, and still offer a student room to have a tablet or laptop, notebooks, and books.


Our team is building, sanding, and painting the wooden desks in our warehouse to ensure each student in need has an environment conducive to learning at home, no matter their household income.

A Desk for Every Child has a simple, yet impactful mission to provide students with a desk – an important piece of the remote learning puzzle.


Our goal is to deliver over 1000 desks to school-aged children across Massachusetts and with your help we can succeed.

For every $99 raised, a desk will be made and delivered directly to the student’s home. 


“Over the last four years, I have had the honor and privilege to be the liaison in the Springfield area for the A Bed for Every Child Initiative through the Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless (MCH).


Through our collaborations, over 150 children in Springfield have benefitted from this generous initiative to ensure that they receive a good night’s rest. Some of my most memorable experiences with families occurred in early 2018, during the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, when Springfield received an influx of families from Puerto Rico.Many families came here with little to no personal items.


With the help of A Bed for Every Child, families found relief to some of their anxieties during an incredibly difficult time. The Springfield Public Schools is grateful to have the Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless as a valuable partner in supporting our student’s needs outside of the classroom these last four years.”


Stephanie Sanabria, City Connects Coordinator, Early Childhood Education Center


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