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BUild a bed

With help from students, neighbors, businesses big + small, the Build A Bed Project brings teams together to build the beds from scratch for children on A Bed for Every Child's waitlist. 


The Build a Bed Project is a fun and worthwhile experience for groups of all sizes, ages, and capabilities.


In just over two hours, teams build headboards, footboards, & side rails, sand, paint, and customize each bed.  

Then A Bed for Every Child provides the bed's frames, mattresses, and other necessities to the children currently on their waiting list.

Want to learn more about how you can help provide more beds for more children in need across Massachusetts? Contact us below.


To meet the demand for bed requests, A Bed for Every Child created the Build A Bed Project calling for teams to form together to help build, sand, and stain bed frames for the children on the waitlist.

We welcome businesses, banks, credit unions, civic groups, communities, students, and places of faith to form teams and participate in their very own Build A Bed Event.


The Build A Bed Project can be booked Monday through Friday and Saturday if dates are available.


The Build A Bed Project has traveled as far west and north as Pittsfield and Amesbury, and have hosted private and public events in conference rooms, parking lots, gymnasiums, arenas, warehouses, and more.


The majority of our builders, often have limited to no carpentry experience, but rest assured, with event staff on-site, and step-by-step instruction, every team turns out a masterpiece.


Our staff always does the heavy lifting, organizing of bed building materials, cleanup, and sanitizing.

On the day of the event, your group organizes into teams, learns about our mission, impact, and is then assigned a bed building station.

Each build station includes: 

Sanitized tools in toolboxes for each builder.

Wooden materials for each team to build a headboard, footboard, and side rails. 

Materials for each team to sand and stain the bed frame. 



Able to accommodate groups large or small, the Build A Bed Project offers groups a fun, engaging, and impactful team-building experience. 



Able to accommodate youth groups large or small, the Build A Bed Project offers youth groups an educational, engaging, and impactful team-building experience. 



Have a community in mind wanting to come together for a worthy cause? A Bed for Every Child offers multiple opportunities for families, friends, and neighbors to come together supporting children in need of a bed of their own.


There are five things that a child needs to thrive: food, water, shelter, clothing, and sleep.

As a society, we have worked tirelessly to ensure children have access to the first four, but we have yet to reach the same level of commitment in regards to healthy sleep.

Although a bed is not the first thing we think of when discussing poverty, far too many children are growing up in households that cannot afford a bed for their children. 

Therefore, we set out to provide complete twin beds for children in need across Massachusetts. 

Your contribution today will make it possible for A Bed for Every Child to further support thousands of children throughout the Commonwealth in the year to come.

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