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A toddler moving into a “Big Kid Bed” is a childhood milestone.  Although, far too many low income families do not have the economic means to purchase a bed to transition their toddler, due to cost.

Even though there is no specific recommended age for transitioning a toddler from their crib, though most agree that it is between the ages of 2 and 4 years old. 


To ensure that a toddler growing up in poverty has a bed of their own and their parents have knowledge on the importance of healthy sleep for their child's well being, the Big Kid Bed Initiative is partnering with Community Health Centers to provide this resource to their low-income patient populations.  


Pediatricians know that language, comprehension, and physical growth skyrocket between the ages of 2 and 4 years of age. They also know how important it is for parents to gain knowledge and access resources about "healthy sleep" and tips on how to establish a healthy, consistent bedtime routine for their child(ren). 

 The Gift of More Than a Bed

All people at all stages of life can experience insufficient and poor quality of sleep, but research has shown that low-income children tend to exhibit increased sleep difficulties in comparison to their higher-income peers due to an aray socioeconomic factors.


The impact of giving a child growing up in poverty a new bed goes far beyond just giving them a place to lay their head at night - it is vital to their health, development, and education. 


Sleep is not the first thing that pops in one’s mind when thinking of helping a child living in poverty, but it is just as important as a healthy diet, and exercise is to child’s ability to thrive and develop physically, mentally, and socially.

Through Community Health Partnerships

The Big Kid Bed Initiative's participating Pediatricians will identify toddlers who are ready to transition into a bed of their own and whose family is experiencing an economic hardship making it difficult for them to purchase one.


The screening will take place at a child’s 2nd, 3rd or 4th year annual physical.  Our Big Kid Bed Initiative will not only supply a much-needed bed to a child but will also educate and share with the parents healthy sleep habits for infants, toddlers, and adolescence. 

Upon delivery of the Big Kid Bed, children will recieve a bundle new age appropriate bed time storied, and parents will receive resources and information discussing the following topics:


  • Establishing a bedtime

  • Importantce of a bedtime routine

  • Intoducing bedtime stories

  • Sleep-friendly bedrooms

  • Healthy foods for kids

Click here for a free 1-page resource for parents about bedtime!

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