The at-home Holiday Build A Bed gives you and your family the opportunity to step away from work, and the screens to help us, give a child on our waiting list a place to dream big!

Each ticket provides all of the necessary materials needed to build and sand a twin bed at home, and a little box of treats to make the event extra sweet while you’re with us – building to make a difference.  

A Bed for Every Child will provide all the necessary materials to build your bed to perfection right in the comfort of your own home. 

Each bed bundles includes instructions, headboard, footboard, siderails, sanitized toolbox, nuts, bolts, washers, screws, drill, wrench, sanding paper, cut out stars and moons.

In order to pick-up the bed materials your vehicle must be able to safely transport the unassembled materials, and the built headboard, footboard and siderails. All pick-ups have to made the week of November 7th.  Otherwise, we can schedule the delivery of the materials to the curbside of your home December 7th, 8th, and 9th.

Twin Bed Frame Dimensions:

  • Headboard Dimension:  44 inches (W) x 46 inches (L)

  • Footboard Dimension: 44 inches (W) x 18 inches (L)

  • Siderail Dimension: 8 inches (W) x 80 inches (L)

On the day of the event you and your family can get together around the materials, watch our online introduction and remarks, and the full support and encouragement of Tuck and A Bed for Every Child while you build! 


Should you need any guidance or assistance outside of the materials provided, A Bed for Every Child will be only 1 video call away to help you with whatever it is you may need.


Once the bed is complete, A Bed for Every Child will schedule the curb-side pick-up of the twin bed frame, tool box and tools.  

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