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the need

Over the past year, A Bed for Every Child provided nearly 2000 children with brand new twin beds and other materials. 


Here is a snapshot of the sleeping arrangements of the children we have served this past year:

  • 431 Children were sharing a bed with a sibling. 

  • 378 Children were sleeping with their parents/caretakers.  

  • 489 Toddlers needed a bed to transition into.

  • 213 Children were sleeping on a couch night after night.

  • 172 Children were sleeping on the floor without a mattress.

  • 122 Children were sleeping on an air mattress.

  • 61 Children were sleeping on a broken mattress. 

  • 58 Children were experiencing bed bugs and their mattresses had to be disposed of.


Due to the generosity and support of so many, families have been given access to this life-changing resource. 

our values

Acceptance, honesty, and trust are the cornerstones of our community — and the foundation for progress.

Human to human, heart to heart, we believe in working
together to achieve a tangible goal everyone can be proud of.


We seek to inspire action and impact change. Because together, we can build a brighter future.


"A Bed for Every Child’ isn’t just a new bed, it’s a whole experience. Our kids have walked into a room to see their brand new, very own bed with pillows and bedding to match their personality and a place to peacefully lay their heads at night... Because of this program, we were able to help so many children have their very own, brand-new bed.  I think a lot of people do not realize how many children out there do not have their own bed or they are sharing with a sibling or even sleeping on the couch, it’s not really a topic people discuss, or parents want to admit.  This program has helped us not only provide beds for youth in need but help erase the stigma and embarrassment of it all.  A lot of parents do not want to ask for help or reach out, but when we put out there that we are partnering with ‘A Bed for Every Child’ and children can have their own brand-new bed, it became more of an experience rather than an avoided topic."


As an agency whose primary goal is to help families in need, the Lynn Housing Authority is thrilled to have this amazing partnership with ‘A Bed for Every Child’ because together we can help so many children have a bed to call their own, which every child deserves.  We are both grateful and excited to be working with ‘A Bed for Every Child.’

- Cathy Rowe, Lynn Housing Authority & Neighborhood Development 

our mission

At A Bed for Every Child, we believe sleep is just as essential as food, water, shelter, and clothing — and that all children deserve space to dream. That’s why, through our hands-on approach to team building, we’re partnering with businesses, schools, and community organizations to build beds

for children in need.

Launched in 2012, A Bed for Every Child is an initiative of the Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless, a non-profit organization

dedicated to ending homelessness.


Invest in Your Team & Your Community

Provide a life-changing resource for a child in your community while honing your team’s leadership, communication, and problem-solving skills.

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